Camp Westminster


June 1 – 26, 2015

Sports, art, music, and lots of adventure! Camp Westminster in St. Louis offers a variety of half- and full-day summer camps for boys and girls in grades K-9 during the month of June. The staff includes dedicated and enthusiastic Westminster teachers, coaches, and athletes who help campers strengthen and sharpen their God-given skills.

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Camp Westminster Schedule

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Camps for 2015

Grades indicated are for the 2015-16 school year.

Search and filter camps that fit your scheduling needs.

Club Wildcat
Grades 5-9 (Boys and Girls)
Club Wildcat is the place to be for hours of fun! Campers will be grouped by grade so that counselors can conduct interactive, age-appropriate activities that correspond with each week’s theme. They’ll take part in exciting outdoor and indoor activities such as games, arts and crafts, and movie making. 
 Plus, they’ll love anticipating what activities they’ll find at the “mystery station” throughout the week!

Week 1: Around the World
Week 2: “Wild” Adventures
Week 3: Under the Sea
Week 4: Back to the Future
June 1-26, morning and afternoon

Wee Wildcat Camp
Grades K-4 (Boys and Girls)
Your little Wildcats won’t want to miss Wee Wildcat Camp this summer! Campers are grouped in such a way that counselors can plan age-appropriate activities that correspond with each week’s theme. Wee Wildcats will play outside and inside and participate in super fun activities, from games to crafts and even interactive storytime! Each day, kids will also love the surprises that await them at the “mystery station!”

Week 1: Around the World
Week 2: “Wild” Adventures
Week 3: Under the Sea
Week 4: Back to the Future
June 1-26, morning and afternoon

Art Exploration I
Grades 2-4 (Boys and Girls)
Put your artistic abilities to use this summer! Campers will explore different art mediums to create a beautiful masterpiece of an African safari! From acrylic paint to salt and black glue, campers won’t want to miss a day of this unique art experience. On the last day of camp, parents, grandparents, or friends are invited to a special art show featuring campers’ creations. Led by Central Christian School teacher Laura Drake.
June 1-5, afternoon

More Camps

Art Exploration II
Grades 4-6 (Boys and Girls)
Everyone is an artist at heart! Campers of all different skill levels are encouraged to come and explore art-making methods that range from traditional to modern. Campers will use mixed media to create a variety of pieces including a 3D art project! Led by Central Christian School teacher Sarah Yeo.
June 15-19, afternoon

Art: Creators and Their Craft
Grades K-2 (Boys and Girls)
Come along with us as we explore the fascinating world of artists and authors! We will read books, create projects, play games, experiment with sensory materials, and venture outdoors. From collages to animal art to splatter painting, kids are sure to have an unforgettable (and colorful!) time! Led by Eliot Chapel Nursery School teacher Mary Pat Pautler.
June 8-12, morning

Art Studio Camp*
Grades 6-9 (Boys and Girls)
Come with your creative juices flowing, and get ready to try your hand at drawing, painting, thinking, building, pretending, molding, and more!  We will use a wide variety of media to create special projects for campers to take home and enjoy. Led by Westminster art teacher Camden Bianco.
June 22-26, morning
*Additional materials fee of $15.

Baseball the Wildcat Way
Grades 5-6 and 7-9 (Boys)
Heeeyyyyyy, batter, batter! Come learn and execute the fundamentals of the baseball program that led Westminster’s team to its four consecutive state championship victories (2011-2014)! Wildcat coach Dan Petke will bring campers an instructional yet competitive summer camp experience.
Grades 5-6: June 1-5, morning (Session 1)
Grades 7-9: June 1-5, afternoon (Session 2)

Grades 2-8 (Boys)
Come learn basketball skills and fundamentals from the Westminster basketball players and coaching staff. Develop key skills and compete in 3-on-3, 5-on-5, and a range of individual competitions while learning how to glorify God through our gifts and abilities.  Each player will need to bring his own basketball marked with his name. Led by Doug Coleman, Westminster varsity basketball coach.
June 22-26, all day

Grades 2-9 (Girls)
Hoop it up at an exciting basketball camp this summer! Campers will focus on skill development (dribbling, shooting, passing, rebounding, and proper defensive play) and enjoy a little fun and competitive scrimmaging. Through daily devotions, campers will learn how to live with a spiritual perspective on sports and learn what it means to show good sportsmanship and school spirit. Led by Shannon Lawrence, Westminster girls basketball coach.
June 8-12, morning

Basketball: Skill Development
Grades 2-4 and 5-8 (Boys)
Dribble, pass, shoot! This camp is designed for boys who want to develop key basketball skills. With age-appropriate goals and drills, each camper will learn to improve shooting, ball handling, passing, one-on-one moves, and other individual skills to lay a strong foundation for future skill development. Each player will need to bring his own basketball marked with his name. Led by Doug Coleman, Westminster varsity basketball coach.
Grades 2-4: June 1-5, afternoon (Session 1)
Grades 5-8: June 8-12, afternoon (Session 2)

Build Me a Story
Grades 5-8 (Boys and Girls)
Create amazing stories from your creative thoughts! In this camp, campers will dream up dramatic dialogues between cunning characters and add their own illustrations as they explore children’s books and short stories and even begin their first novel! They will learn about the different aspects of a story and create their own using the iPad. At the end of the week, family and friends are invited to listen to the campers share their stories. Led by Westminster middle school English teacher Kristin Janssen.
June 1-5, morning

Cooking Camp: Field to Table*
Grades 3-6 (Boys and Girls)
Hollyberry Catering, voted best caterer in St. Louis by Sauce Magazine five years running, helps cultivate a wonderful student and community garden on campus. Campers will learn how products are grown and will harvest them from the garden to help inspire their daily cooking creations! They will work hands-on in the kitchen alongside Hollyberry chefs to create fun and exciting meals and snacks, such as tasty soups, paninis, and creative salads.  At the conclusion of the camp, parents, grandparents, or friends will be invited to a special sampling prepared by the campers, along with a tour of the garden. A true garden-to-table experience!
June 8-12, morning
June 15-19, morning
*Additional materials fee of $15.

Grades K-5 (Girls)
Gooooooo WILDCATS! Campers will have fun learning cheers, chants, jumps, and a brief dance while building confidence, using proper technique, and learning to be part of a team. The girls will present their skills in a performance for family and friends on Friday, June 19. Led by Westminster cheer coach Carrie Morrow.
June 15-19, morning

Cheer & Dance
Grades 6-8 (Girls)
Get ready to show your spirit! Girls will improve strength and flexibility as they practice cheer and dance technique. Campers will also learn new routines and perform for family and friends on Friday, June 19. Led by Westminster varsity cheer coaches Jen Marsh and Ali Bubenik.
June 15-19, morning

Creative Genius Camp
Grades 4-8 (Boys and Girls)
Use your imagination! In this camp, we will learn that creativity is much more than artistic ability. It is an essential skill that leads to the innovations of the future! Explore the ins and outs of creative thinking and put your learning to the test by strengthening your creative thinking skills through a variety of hands-on/minds-on challenges and activities. Who knows, one day you might develop something that changes the world! Led by Central Christian School gifted and talented teacher, Victoria Hauser.
June 8-12, afternoon

Grades K-6 (Girls)
Budding dancers will learn techniques through dance-related games, as well as leadership and teamwork skills that they will benefit from in all areas of life. Dancers will learn an age-appropriate dance routine and will perform for family and friends on Friday, June 5. Led by Westminster varsity dance coach Brittany Hartloge.
June 1-5, morning

Field Hockey
Grades 4-8 (Girls)
The sport of field hockey is becoming more and more popular in the Midwest (and at Westminster)! Whether you have some experience or have never picked up a stick, campers will have a great time and learn new skills. Sticks will be provided, and each camper will get a ball she can keep! Mouth guards and shin guards are required; eye guards are optional. Led by Westminster field hockey coach Nancy Schmer.
June 1-5, afternoon

Football for Beginners
Grades 3-4 (Boys)
Hut! Hut! Hike! For any boy who has an interest in the game of football, this camp will focus on player safety, essential fundamentals, and the rules of the game. Absolutely no experience is required. The goal of this non-contact camp is to build a foundation for campers to enjoy the game of football for years to come while emphasizing safety, teamwork, and positive attitudes. Led by a Westminster football coach.
June 8-12, morning

Grades 5-7 (Boys)
Campers will learn basic football techniques such as throwing, catching, blocking, and tackling, along with a variety of drills in this full-contact camp. Each player will be issued equipment which will be collected at the conclusion of camp. A full-contact camp will allow us to teach proper tackling technique and football safety, and it will allow campers to have full-contact scrimmages. Campers will learn offensive and defensive positions, as well as some of the formations and plays run by the Westminster football team. Led by Aaron Layton, Westminster teacher and 7th grade football coach, and Mike Berttucci, Westminster teacher and football coach.
June 8-12, morning

Got an App for That?
Grades 6-9 (Boys and Girls)
What’s the code? In this camp, campers will learn how to write code and then see the end product displayed on a mobile device. No experience necessary! Campers will use the Intel XDK development tool to transform web-based code (HTML, CSS, Javascript) into fully-functional mobile applications. They will learn to be not only consumers of technology but also creators as they develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills along the way. Led by James Hoekzema, Westminster alumnus and computer science major at Missouri Science & Technology.
June 8-12, afternoon

Grades 6-9 (Boys and Girls)
Feel the beat! This music technology camp is for middle school students interested in learning the basics of the GarageBand program, a computer-based software that simulates the experience of a music creation studio at the tip of a finger. Campers  will learn the ins and outs of GarageBand as they compose and arrange drumbeats, create podcasts, and compose a film score. Led by Westminster band instructor Eric Taylor.
June 22-26, afternoon

Improv I
Grades 5-8 (Boys and Girls)
Rattle those funny bones and get ready for some improv! Students will learn the art of improvisation for the theatre through games, games, and more games! This high-energy camp will have campers on stage from the first moment they walk through the door and will culminate in a performance for family and friends on Friday. Led by Westminster teacher Kelly Gilbert.
June 15-19, morning

Improv II
Grades 6-9 (Boys and Girls)
This advanced camp is available for campers who have participated in improv in previous years. The camp will start with a review of the games and concepts learned in Improv I and will expand from there with more challenging games and concepts! This high-energy camp will have campers on stage from the first minutes of camp, and it will culminate in a performance for friends and family on Friday. Led by Westminster teacher Kelly Gilbert.
June 15-19, afternoon

Grades 6-9 (Boys and Girls)
Love to take pictures with your friends? Want to find something fun to do with them? Campers will explore exciting ways to make the most of their photos in this camp. They will work together using iMovie to create a memory video of photos, complete with pictures, music, videos, and even voiceovers. Campers will also get started with creating an online scrapbook or calendar that they can print out as a keepsake. Please bring a flash drive filled with pictures and videos. Led by Kristin Janssen, Westminster teacher.
June 1-5, afternoon

Junior Engineering
Grades 4-8 (Boys and Girls)
Calling all future builders, designers, and problem-solvers! In this hands-on camp, campers will learn to build structures and objects while exploring the fundamental principles of architecture, engineering, and physics. These include a woodworking creation and the assembling of a motorized object. Plus, a group project will allow campers to collaborate in building a bridge sturdy enough to hold the weight of an adult! This camp will be held at Covenant Christian School in their new Science and Tinkering classroom. Led by Covenant Christian School headmaster John Roberts and Westminster teacher Jacob Mohler.
June 15-19, all day

Junior Golf
Grades 4-6 (Boys and Girls)
Join us on the green! Campers of all skill levels will learn the fundamentals of golf with specific instruction on how to execute a full swing and properly chip, pitch, and putt. They will take the bus to Creve Coeur golf course Monday through Thursday, and a competition with prizes will be held on Friday. Led by Westminster golf coach Brian Burkey and former mini-tour golfer Curtis Anderson.
June 15-19, morning

Junior Triathalon
Grades 4-8 (Boys and Girls)
Run, bike, swim as you train for and compete in a junior triathlon! Learn the skills and techniques of training for the ultimate race that combines your love for running, biking, and swimming. Triathletes and specialists in each segment of the triathlon will coach children in a fun and motivational camp that will culminate with a junior triathlon on the campus of Westminster. Led by Westminster teacher Nile Heefner.
June 22-26, morning

Grades 3-8 (Boys and Girls)
Knit one, pearl two! Campers will learn all essential knitting techniques through a variety of small projects. Led by Adriane Muehleisen, curator and creator of Etsy shop Naptime Knittery.
June 22-26, morning

Grades 6-9 (Girls)
All players from beginners to advanced are welcome to come learn more about the great sport of lacrosse! Instruction will be individualized to appropriately challenge each player. No prior lacrosse experience is required! We will introduce and work toward the mastery of fundamental skills, including cradling, passing, catching, and shooting.  Players will also experience game situations as we work on offensive and defensive strategies.  Led by Westminster lacrosse coach Lindsay Carlile and Allison Pautler
June 1-5, morning

Musical Theatre
Grades 2-7 (Boys and Girls)
Sing and dance the summer away! Campers will learn a number of songs and dances throughout the week, which will culminate with a short performance on the last day of camp. Focus will be on singing technique, dance technique, stage presence, and performance skills – plus an opportunity for those interested in performing solos! Led by Kathy Eichelberger, Westminster teacher.
June 22-26, morning

Outdoor Adventure Camp
Grades 4-8 (Boys and Girls)
Calling all video-game-loving urban dwellers! If you think it would be cool to learn about camping, fishing, hunting, survival, and photography, we’ve got the camp for you! Hear from guest speakers, watch videos, and enjoy fun outdoor experiences. Discover animal tracks and other signs of wildlife in the woods, try to catch some fish, and take some cool pictures! Led by Westminster teacher Andy Kerckhoff.
June 15-19, morning

Pool Party
Grades 4-7 (Boys and Girls)
Join us for a week of fun in the pool as we work on our swimming skills and play in the water! Campers will learn the basics of swimming, including stroke and breathing technique. They will also play a variety of fun water games to improve swimming skills.  Basic swimming knowledge is recommended. Led by Westminster teacher and certified swim instructor Allison Pautler.
June 1-5, afternoon

Reader’s Workshop: For the Love of Stories
Grades 4-8 (Boys and Girls)
Campers will learn to discover books they’ll love using the Internet, libraries, and bookstores. They will be given opportunities to read the book(s) of their choice in a variety of casual settings. Throughout the week, they will learn how to read more quickly and with greater comprehension and will discuss their thoughts and opinions with their peers and teacher in a friendly atmosphere. A fun game of kickball just might break out now and then as a way to energize the brain! Led by Westminster teacher Andy Kerckhoff.
June 15-19, afternoon

Grades K-4 and 5-8 (Boys and Girls)
Gooooaaalllll! Campers will learn proper techniques and basic tactics through group instruction and competitive play. They will also develop skills to deal with advanced tactics and techniques, both in attacking and defending. Each camper should bring a soccer ball with his or her name on it, shin guards, cleats, tennis shoes, and a water bottle. In both camps, dedicated goalkeeper training will be available, so bring GK gloves and equipment if interested. Let by USSF and NSCAA nationally licensed Westminster varsity soccer coach Dan Legters.
Grades K-4, June 8-12, morning (Session 1)
Grades 5-8: June 8-12, afternoon (Session 2)

STEM Camp*
Grades 7-9 (Boys and Girls)
Interested in science and math? Want to learn how engineers solve problems? STEM Camp is for you! Campers will use the design process to solve real-world problems and have fun designing and building great projects, as well as learn technical drawing and sketching in this hands-on engineering experience. Led by Westminster science teacher Luke Breems.
June 1-5, morning
*Additional materials fee of $15.

Stoked for Science
Grades 6-9 (Boys and Girls)
Calling all budding scientists! Do you love science experiments and labs? Why not spend a week as a scientist wearing a lab coat and goggles while creating all sorts of chemical reactions? Join us for hands-on science experiments, and stretch your curiosity as you learn about the science behind every reaction you observe! Led by Westminster science teacher Gina Butterfield.
June 8-12, morning

Summer in France
Grades 3-8 (Boys and Girls)
Bienvenue! Come explore the French language and culture through games, songs, crafts, stories, and food. Campers will not only learn simple conversational skills in French but will also discover French customs, holidays, and music in a fun and interactive setting.  Led by Westminster French teacher Sarah DeVries.
June 22-26, afternoon

Grades 3-9 (Boys and Girls)
Warm up your forehand and backhand! The Beginner session will focus on the most basic tennis skills and is for players who are unable to sustain a rally by hitting the ball back and forth. The Intermediate/Advanced session is for players who can sustain a rally with some success but who still lack the basic skills to compete in a match setting. The Tournament session, for intermediate or advanced players, will focus on match play and basic strategies and is for players who are ready to compete against a variety of players. Each participant should bring his or her own racket, tennis shoes, and water bottle. Led by Westminster varsity tennis coach Adam Barbee and members of the varsity team.
Beginner session 1: June 1-5, afternoon
Beginner session 2: June 8-12, afternoon
Intermediate/Advanced session: June 15-19, afternoon
Tournament session: June 22-26, afternoon

Theatre Makeup
Grades 6-9 (Boys & Girls)
Prepare for the spotlight! Campers will learn the fundamentals of stage makeup in this fun, hands-on camp. Discover the different materials, tools, and techniques used to achieve creative and dramatic looks. The camper’s faces are the canvases as they apply what they’ve learned to make one another look aged, injured, or fictional! Led by actor and theatre makeup designer, Mia DeJong.
June 8-12, afternoon

Grades 3-6 and 6-9 (Boys and Girls)
Pass, set, spike! Whether campers are just getting started or are veterans on the court, this camp will improve their skills while stressing the fundamentals of great teamwork. In the elementary camp, participants will practice basic skills; the middle school camps will focus on skills such as passing, hitting, serving, and setting. Sessions 1 and 3 are led by Heather Cumbee, Westminster girls varsity volleyball coach.  Session 2 is led by Jean Evans, Westminster boys varsity volleyball coach.
Grades 3-6 (Boys and Girls): June 15-19, morning (Session 1)
Grades 6-9 (Boys): June 15-19, afternoon (Session 2)
Grades 6-8 (Girls): June 15-19, afternoon (Session 3)

Wrestling Camp
Grades 1-6 (Boys)
Hit the mats and learn the essential techniques of wrestling! Campers will learn daily skill development, gain individual instruction, and practice during drill time and daily games. Led by Westminster varsity wrestling coach Tim Muehleisen.
June 22-26, afternoon

A Note from the Camp Director


We know that you have many choices when you consider summer activities for your children, so we thank you for choosing Camp Westminster! We are excited to share our summer with you!

Like the school’s academic offerings, Westminster’s summer camps are engaging, innovative, and unique. In addition, the camps are staffed by caring counselors who help encourage values and strengthen campers’ abilities in a positive, fun, well-supervised environment. It is our goal for each camper to experience adventure, sharpen his or her skills, and build character.

We have a variety of camps to choose from, and we hope you spend several weeks with us!  We enjoy serving all of the families we meet during the summer, and we look forward to getting to know your family. Please don’t hesitate to call or email me with questions.

I look forward to seeing you at Camp Westminster!

Abby Karsten
Camp Westminster Director

Daily Camp Schedule

7:30-9 a.m. – Before-Care (Arena)

8:45 a.m. – Check-in begins for morning camps (Plaza)

9-11:45 a.m. – Morning camps

11:45 a.m.-12 p.m. – Pick-up time for morning campers(Plaza)

11:45 a.m.-12:15 p.m. – Lunchtime for all-day campers (Café)

12 p.m. – Check-in begins for afternoon camps (Plaza)

12:15-3 p.m. – Afternoon camps

3-3:15 p.m. – Pick-up time for campers* (Plaza)

3-5:30 p.m. – After-Care (Arena)

In case of inclement weather, we will move check-in and pick-up to the Arena.

*Afternoon dismissal ends promptly at 3:15 p.m. Any child not picked up by 3:15 p.m. will be placed in After-Care and parents will be billed accordingly ($10 per day).


Lunch Information

We are pleased to announce that Campus Cuisine by Hollyberry will continue to provide campers with healthy snacks and meals! Campus Cuisine is the Westminster Christian Academy campus culinary service and is a division of Hollyberry Catering, voted Favorite Caterer in St. Louis for four consecutive years. Some examples of healthy, generously portioned meals and nut-free* snacks available for purchase are provided below.

Only full-day campers will attend lunch. When registering, only select a lunch for the week(s) that your child is attending a full day of camp. You may also change your lunch selection anytime in your CampInTouch account, under Forms and Documents: Lunch Form.

View Week 3 and Week 4 Menus

Week 3: June 15-19

  • Monday: Chicken quesadilla
  • Tuesday: Sloppy Joe
  • Wednesday: Grilled cheese
  • Thursday: All-beef hot dog
  • Friday: Pizza

Week 4: June 22-26

  • Monday: Meatball subs*
  • Tuesday: BBQ pulled pork sandwich
  • Wednesday: Grilled cheese
  • Thursday: All-beef hot dog
  • Friday: French bread pizza*

*Please be aware that our meatball sub rolls and french bread pizza do contain sesame seeds.

A la carte items include snacks (i.e. yogurt, chips and salsa, and cheese sticks), and drinks.  Items will be approximately $1-2.

A la Carte Snacks and Drinks ($1):

  • Strawberry yogurt
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Veggie bags with Ranch cup
  • Apples
  • Chips and salsa
  • Chips
  • Drinks

*Some menu items may contain (or have come into contact with equipment associated with products containing) peanuts, tree nuts, milk, egg, and wheat.  The weekly menu may have slight variations.

Because some of our campers have severe nut allergies, we ask that all campers refrain from bringing lunch items that contain nuts.


When can I register for Camp Westminster 2015?
Registration will open Saturday, January 31, 2015.

I need full-day care. If I sign up for a morning camp, what are my options for the afternoon?
You may sign up for any afternoon camp offered for your child’s age group that same week.

More FAQs

My child can only attend camp on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Will you adjust the price of the camp?
We are unable to adjust the price of a camp for part-time attendance.

I need to change my child’s camp schedule. How can I do this?
You may apply to new camps by logging into your Camp In Touch account and selecting Camper Application. All requests for camp schedule changes must be processed in writing via mail or email. Switching camps after May 31, 2015 will result in a $25 processing fee.

At this time, I don’t know if I will need Extended Care in the morning or afternoon. Can I sign up for this at a later date?
Yes. You may add Extended Care to your student’s registration at a later date. However, to guarantee that space is available, you must sign up for Extended Care at least one week before the camp session. If necessary, you may put your child in Extended Care for one morning or afternoon, as space allows. We charge $10 per session, per day.

My child has allergies. How can I notify you about that?
The online registration program includes a medical form. Before your child can attend camp, the form must be completed. The purpose of this form is to provide emergency contacts, medical information and additional information you would like us to know about your child.

Is Camp Westminster nut-free?
While Westminster is not a nut-free campus, Camp Westminster aims to be nut-free in the following ways:

  1. We ask that parents who choose to pack their children’s lunches keep them free of nut products.
  2. The camp snack is popsicles; if the individual camps serve any other food, we require that it be nut-free.
  3. The lunches prepared by the camp caterer Hollyberry do not contain nuts.

However, some of the pre-packaged and pre-prepared food may contain (or have come into contact with equipment associated with products containing) nuts.

Do you have a camp nurse?
Yes. We have a registered nurse on duty from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day. She is CPR-certified and has been Westminster’s full-time nurse for 13 years. She will have access to the medical information you have provided for your child.

My child has not attended Camp Westminster in the past. What does he/she need to bring and wear?
For all camps, children should dress appropriately for summertime activities. All campers should bring water bottles and sunscreen for outdoor camps. Some camps require additional supplies; one week before camp begins, you will receive an email reminder about what your child should wear and bring.

Is there a discount for registering early?
Yes! A 10% early bird discount will be offered to those who register on or before March 31. The discount applies to all camps.

I wish to order lunch for my child.  How do I do that?                                                                                                                     After you register your child for camp, you will receive an email confirmation with directions to sign up for lunch options.  You may choose to purchase lunch three days of the week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) or all five days.  In addition, you may add a la carte money to your child’s account so that he or she may purchase additional snacks or drinks.  A la carte money may be added in increments of $5.  We will keep track of your child’s lunch options and a la carte money so there is no need to carry cash!


Half Day – $115

  • Morning or afternoon camp

Full Day – $230

  • Combination of one morning and one afternoon camp

  • Full-day camp – Basketball (Boys)

Some camps require a $15 materials fee. See camp schedule for details.

Learn more about pricing

When you register your credit card will be charged a $50 deposit per camp.

Cancellations will result in a $25 fee (per camp). Requests for camp schedule changes must be processed in writing via mail or email. Switching camps after May 31, 2015 will also result in a $25 processing fee, and no refunds will be issued for any changes made after May 31.

Registration is binding after May 31. Full payment for all camps is due on or before May 31. The parent or guardian will be responsible for payment even if the student does not attend and/or if the registration contract was received after May 31. A refund for medical reasons only applies to absences of one week or longer and will require a doctor’s note.

Refund policy: No refunds will be issued to students who are withdrawn from any camp after May 31. All changes must be received in writing on or before May 31 to avoid fee charges. Any change or cancellation made after registration is processed is subject to a $25 fee (per camp).


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